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About Us

Hi, this is Tanish and Pradeep, the person who that run this blog and this is about us page of silberstatus. The silberstatus was found due to making changes in someone life by creating quotes and images by providing fact and article.

Let me tell about our life a little bit

We were hostler and from there our (Tanish and Pradeep) friendship took an uplift we were just tech lover try to learn new things,come up with new ideas and think about future that how would it be.

We are still graduating ,I (pradeep) is pursuing B.A honours (Bachelor of arts) in economics with management and my friend Tanish bhargav is Pursuing in B.sc(Bachelor in science).

We just want some funding so that we can make path for our self and can get self independent.Our future ideas are creating website(which is going on) creating our own website store and many more.(there are private ideas sry for that)

What make us Differ from other website in same niche?

We are young ones and we know the present scenario which is going in India.We understand problem that how much pressure do each have in there life.

Problem like-Need of girlfriend, need of friend, high income, easy life,millionaire life,celebrity life,getting high paying job,govt. job etc.

Ever time brings new challenges this society and educating do great job in forcing people to get a job do particular same limited thing in life(example Engineer,family,society,same old teaching method no importance to innovation, it happen in my life something with us and something in our surrounding)

We know how to uplift morale( uplifting the confidence, enthusiasm, and discipline of a person) .We will ensure to use of every method that will be useful for you and us.

Just one advice for you

If you dream about it do it,unless other try to use your dream us their benefit.

Thank for investing your time in our blog.